Episode 69: Share Your Stories with Dr. Joanne Jarrett

This week’s episode features Dr. Joanne Jarrett and her episode title is “Share Your Stories”. She is the host of the Fancy Free Podcast. She realized over the years that we all have embarrassing funny stories and that sharing these with each other is a great way to bond, connect, laugh together, and feel less alone in our imperfections. She believes it also changes our mindset so that we are not only viewing our foibles through the lens of humor and story telling, but we also look for opportunities to share them with others as a gift. Her advice to others is to share your embarrassing funny stories every chance you get. It’s addictive and infectious! She would love to start a movement whereby instead of being mired in isolating embarrassment, we are all laughing at ourselves together!

Find out more information about Joanne and her podcast at http://www.fancyfreepodcast.com and her clothing line at http://www.shelfieshoppe.com

Instagram @wishwell.health

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FULL BIO: Joanne Jarrett is a family physician on her 17th year of maternity leave. She hosts the Fancy Free Podcast, where she and her guests share their most embarrassing funny stories so they and the listeners all feel less alone in their imperfection. And as someone who is always looking to be super cozy at home, she designed a line of “street-legal pajamas” so we can be comfy and confident even after we’ve had it with the bra for the day. She and her husband run a mobile endodontics practice together, so she is also a reluctant office manager and part-time dental assistant. They have two teenage daughters and live in rural Montana

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