Episode 68: Air Health with Dr. Erika Maria Moseson

On this week’s episode I chat with Dr. Erika Maria Moseson, a lung and ICU doctor in Oregon. Her phrase for health and wellness is air health. She says don’t light things on fire and breathe them into your lungs. This applies to tobacco, diesel, forests and more. She shares how as a lung and ICU doctor she realized how many patients she saw in the critical care setting due to people breathing in unhealthy air. She discussed how that is compounded by economic instability and racial inequities. We chat about vaping, the tobacco industry, wildfires, diesel and more. Her advice to others is to be an advocate for yourself and for your patients. She hosts her own podcast, Air Health Our Health, so please head over to her podcast and take a listen!

Find out more about Dr. Moseson at:


Podcast: anchor.fm/airhealthourhealth/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AirHealthOurHealth/

Instagram: @airhealthourhealth

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Anchor: anchor.fm/wishwell

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2UiZFM8

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FULL BIO: Dr. Erika Maria Moseson is a pulmonary and critical care medicine physician (or “lung and ICU doctor” depending on your audience). She attended medical school at Cornell University, trained at UCSF for internal medicine and completed her fellowship at Oregon Health and Sciences University. She is the founder of Air Health Our Health, an educational resource regarding the intersection between breathing healthy air and the wellbeing and wealth of our communities. She hosts the Air Health Our Health podcast, interviewing experts on everything from tobacco and vaping to diesel exhaust and policy options to improve public health. She is passionate about physician advocacy, and is one of the American Lung Association’s Health Professionals for Clean Air and Climate Action. She is the past President of Oregon Thoracic Society and practices full time pulmonary and critical care medicine while mothering three amazing young children.   

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