Episode 71: Integrative Interventional Pain & Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Harini Chenna

On this week’s episode, I connect with a fellow integrative interventional pain management physician, Dr. Harini Chenna. As a former competitive gymnast along with the influence of her Indian cultural upbringing, she has always been passionate about fitness, nutrition, holistic healing and their vital role alongside modern medicine in building a mindset in which comprehensive wellness is a lifestyle. She shares her approach to chronic pain management in her patients. We also spend some time talking about Lagree fitness, which is how we connected on social media a few years ago!

Find out more about Dr. Chenna on Instagram @drharinichenna

Find out more about Lagree fitness on lagreefitness.com and you can save on your home microformer machine with code MICHELLEDANGMD

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Fitness has always been an integral part of my life since I was a young kid. I was a former competitive gymnast until my college years and played competitive tennis throughout my childhood and regularly play now as well. I have been lucky to have a family that has always been extremely active and has always pushed me to continue healthy habits throughout life. For me, maintaining healthy habits is a priority and fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Culturally ayurvedic practices are also a large part of who I am. Fitness, nutrition, meditation, ayurvedic medicine alongside my practice of integrative and interventional pain are my passions and I hope that I can influence my patients to encompass to adopt a lifestyle in which these pillars of wellness are seamless incorporated into daily life.

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