Episode 66: Osteoporosis and Bone Health with Dr. Arinola Dada

Today’s episode features Dr. Arinola Dada, a rheumatologist in Bellevue, Washington at  Overlake Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center. She says that as a rheumatologist I work with women who have a higher incidence of autoimmune disease and osteoporosis so she is very passionate about educating women on the importance of screening and exercise for bone health. Her advice to women is stressing the importance of exercise, weight bearing activity, and strengthening for bone health.

We chat about the different kinds of arthritis and what osteoporosis is. We talk about the risks associated with osteoporosis, such as increased risk of fractures, and what we can do to decrease those risks.

Take a listen to find out more about this important topic! You can find out more about Dr. Dada on overlakearthritis.com

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FULL BIO: Dr. Arinola Dada is a rheumatologist in Bellevue Washington in the greater Seattle area, double boarded in rheumatology and clinical densitometry. She has been practicing as a rheumatologist for the past 18 years. She wears many hats as a mother, teacher, mentor, speaker and in her past, she was a science researcher and clinical faculty at the university of Washington. She is the currently the Managing partner of Overlake arthritis and Osteoporosis center, in Bellevue WA, which is expanding to create a state-of-the-art rheumatology and infusion clinic to meet needs of the growing population of patients with autoimmune diseases in the greater Seattle area. Dr. Dada is a fellow of the American college of rheumatology and active in multiple professional organizations including American college of rheumatology, Arthritis foundation and many others. She has been the recipient of many awards including Top Doc for multiple years in Arthritis today, the National Arthritis foundation ‘my doc rocs’ programs as well as multiple years in the Seattle Met magazine. Dr. Arinola Dada is also a director at Eastside TMS and Wellness Center Seattle which is dedicated to treating patients with chronic depression and chronic fatigue syndrome with the state of the art TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation.

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