Episode 61: Overwhelm with Dr. Marion McCrary

This week’s episode features Dr. Marion McCrary, an Internal Medicine Physician and Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach in Durham, NC. She discusses the feeling of overwhelm in her own personal life and how to address this feeling that is so prevalent amongst not only women but in people in general.

She talks about discovering health coaching to help patients and others as she was able to address the overwhelm in her own life.

Her advice to others is if you find yourself overwhelmed and yearning for more time for yourself, follow these steps:

1. Determine your priorities: Do, Delegate, Delete, and Defer

2. Set boundaries to protect yourself and your relationships

3. Avoid relapse

Find out more information about Dr. McCrary:

Website: http://www.marion-wellness.com;

FB and IG @marionmccrarywellness

Twitter @marionmccrarymd  

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Full bio:
Marion Mull McCrary MD FACP I am an experienced primary care Internal Medicine Physician in Durham NC. I am also certified as an Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke. I am honored to serve as the Well-Being Champion for the NC chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP). I enjoy working with both patients and clients on their health and wellness goals, but my professional passion is providing wellness coaching and well-being resources for physicians. I have completed several wellness projects for the ACP and the North Carolina Medical Society. I love traveling, being active, spending time with my family, and writing.

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