Episode 56: Self Love & Acceptance with Dr. Mously Le Blanc

Welcome to this week’s episode where I chat with Dr. Mously Le Blanc otherwise known as Dr. Mo! She shares her story of burnout as a physician as the driving force for her to look into becoming a relationship coach. She calls the way she practices as a “lifestyle architect” – finding all the pieces of the puzzle for each person. She also discusses what energy medicine is and how to utilize that to complement traditional medicine. She discusses her shift to aspects of complementary medicine as a means of practicing self love and acceptance. She says the power of self love reflects our relationship with ourselves, our body, our partners, and our money. Self love is the foundation of all healing. Acceptance is having compassion for yourself despite the imperfections, which she says is difficult for high achieving women.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR)

Find out more information about Dr. Mo’s book at UnleashTheHealingWithin.com

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FULL BIO: Dr. Mously Le Blanc, affectionately known as Dr. Mo, is a highly awarded and sought-after Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation doctor, holistic intuitive healer, and abundance coach.  She is an Ivy league educated physician who has been recognized as a Top Doctor in the Baltimore region numerous times.  She owns a holistic medical practice taking a holistic approach to care that addresses the mind, body, heart and soul.

In addition, Dr. Mo coaches high achieving, purpose-driven women to get unstuck to earn money fast with ease so that they can fall back in love with their purpose and life to ultimately be happy, healthy, and wealthy.  I believe that as divine queens, we are all entitled to our heart’s desires and that we don’t have to sacrifice our sanity, health and relationships to be successful.  She deeply enjoys incorporating energy healing techniques with coaching to quickly and effectively empower women to transform their lives.

She is a motivational speaker and has been featured in the media, including CBS and FOX.  Dr Mo also loves to inspire women with her podcast and soon to be released book, both entitled, “Unleash the Healing Within”.  She is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur.

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