Episode 54: Authenticity with Dr. Jessie Benson

In this week’s episode, I chat with Dr. Jessie Benson and her topic, Authenticity.
She shares her journey through clinical medicine and her decision to step away and pursue her passions. We also chat about what it means to be a homesteader! She is now a certified life coach, mindfulness teacher, professional artist, and most recently professional baker with her bakery Buffalo Mountain Bakery. Her advice is to “live true to yourself”.

Life Coaching: jessiebenson.com

Art: http://www.jessiebensonfineart.com

Bakery: http://www.buffalomountainbakery.com 

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FULL BIO: Jessie Benson is part life coach, part artist, part homesteader, and full-time life enjoyer. After practicing anesthesiology and critical care medicine for nearly a decade, Jessie took the leaf of faith in 2014 to leave medicine and build the life of her dreams. She now lives in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia on 5 ½ acres of heaven. Jessie’s days are filled by working with her life coach clients, making and selling her beeswax & oil paintings, and doing the tasks of a homesteader. In Jessie’s first post-medicine year, she obtained three trainings to enable her to both serve others and provide for herself. She completed life coach training and obtained certification. She also completed yoga teacher and meditation teacher training programs. Jessie had discovered art a few years prior to her departure from medicine. She continued making and selling her paintings which she creates using a technique she originated in 2013. Once her 3 trainings were complete, Jessie put her house in Raleigh, NC up for sale and headed out on an 8-month RV trip around the US hiking many national and state parks. She completed this adventure by settling in Floyd, Virginia, a sweet little town known for its mixture of artisans, farmers, and musicians. This is when her life as a homesteader began. A homesteader is someone that does as much for one’s self as they can. So for Jessie this meant designing and helping build her own house with the help of her cousin who is a builder. It also means growing much of her food and baking her bread. There is also tending to the land that needs to be done. Homesteading is approached in the spirit of self-reliance. It is a lot of physical work, but Jessie loves it. Throughout her time traveling the US and since settling in Virginia, Jessie has steadily grown her coaching practice to a vibrant one. In addition to meeting with her 1:1 clients weekly, Jessie has led workshops and retreats. She has also remained committed to sharing her art. Jessie has done several shows in the US and has work in galleries in Virginia and North Carolina. The predominant part of her art time is spent making commissions, custom pieces for her collectors. Jessie especially enjoys this aspect of life as an artist because of the connection she gets to make with the people commissioning the special pieces. Jessie spent the first 3 decades of her life chasing achievement and approval. Her life was marked by perfectionism and a fear of failure and rejection. Through dedicated self-work, Jessie was able to break free from this way of thinking. That is when she really started living. That is when she found art and music and sprint triathlons any other thing she wanted to try because she was free from the fear of failure. Once she found this freedom, she knew that medicine was not the way she wanted to spend her life and she ventured out to build a new life, one she truly loves.  Jessie brings this wealth of practical life experience into her coaching practice and supports others in building a life they truly love. Her passion is helping others find and live theirs. 

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